Parents Vote To Ban Homework To Relieve Children From Extra Stress

Over half of parents believe homework is a waste of time and creates extra stress on children. It follows a survey by Good Morning Britain demonstrating 52 percent in favour of a ban and 48 percent from you.

Gary Lineker and Eamonn Holmes have struck out at schools calling assignments’a waste of time’, claiming it instigates stress at the home.

Despite a majority vote for a ban on prep for school kids, the subject hasn’t ended but continues to grow and continues to be hotly debated today’s Good Morning Britain. Child behavior specialist, Lorrine Marer claims homework should be banned, whilst founder and headteacher of Britain’s ‘strictest college’  Katharine Birbalsingh, states prep is a important part of learning and instructs self-discipline.

This morning they jumped on Good Morning Britain to create their points.The argument follows tweets by comedian and actor Rob Delaney, famous for his role in Channel Four’s Catastrophe. He sparked the debate when he wrote on Twitter: “Why would they supply seven-year-old’s so much homework in Britain and how do I stop this? “. However, Piers Morgan had other ideas and suggested at a tweet to Gary Lineker, that parents who support a ban on assignments are”idle”. He added: “As a nation, we’re falling so far behind educational standards of nations such as China, it’s embarrassing. Telling our children to give up on assignments seems a perverse reaction to this….”

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