My Paintings Explore Different Tragedies In People’s Lives

i am Igor Dobrowolski I am a musician living in Poland. During my work there are many subjects that We try to go, like death, despair, war kiddies, the issues for the poor and homeless, addiction, narcissism, insufficient empathy.

but the binding representative that combines a few of these issues or stories is suffering, particle of hope and attempt reminder that life can be bad, harsh and therefore show that our “problems” aren’t so great, and all in all it virtually doesn’t exist when compared with the aforementioned tragedy and so can appreciate your life, our time, or ordinary moments, while the emphasis on comprehending empathy, pressure empathy.

I do not like the word pressure but don’t know how to change it. In my opinion that empathy the most important yet not appreciated function. I really do not deceive myself using the salvation around the globe, but possibly could work and work of other people, certainly not when you look at the art world, helps fix something. I really hope that might work is such a minor part of one thing good. In my situation, the try throughout strive to deduce part of hope is vital, because I really believe it’s going to be “better” despite the best tragedies, maybe forever or possibly demise. I do not want becoming also lofty just for some reason feel I really do perhaps not know how to put in terms.

More info:

Less Dead

Inscription: to feel a little bit much better, less lifeless. Dimensions: 165cm X 135cm X 3cm.

Simply Admiration, The Rest Is Just Borrowed

Oil on plywood. Dimensions: 150cm X 105cm X 7cm.

Why You Exist?

Center inscription: how come you occur? Appropriate inscription: where did all of the enthusiasm go? Charcoal, acrylic on mdf board, linen. Proportions: 165cm X 135cm X 6cm.

Dry Your Eyes

Folks impacted by the tragedies. Inscription: does it hurt any longer?

Looking For A Balance

Inscription: I like you,  i possibly could maybe not live without you,/ It usually overwhelms me. We worry losing you, I favor not merely you,/ I also love my buddy, mom/ I feel that We have a huge happiness/ We wonder the reason why I have these types of huge fortune/ They will believe its a show, that’s not true,/ We s**t on you, you realize absolutely nothing. Oil, blended mediaon plywood. Measurements: 198cm X 135cm X 6cm.

Da Grind

Inscription: We can’t anymore, f**k routine maybe, perhaps somebody will love exactly what you’re performing. Charcoal, ink on linen fabric. Measurements: 165cm X 135cm X 2cm.


Oil on plywood. Measurements: 150cm X 105cm X 7cm.


Brief talks with homeless alcoholics. Inscription left top spot: why are you so exhausted? I will be hungry. Inscription right top part: I became an ordinary child. Bottom inscription: I would like to emerge from this but i’ve no strength. Oil on plywood, linen fabric. Proportions: 185cm X 135cm X 7cm.

I’m Afraid

Inscription: I’m afraid, concern absorb me personally that somebody will require them from me, see my heart is bleeding, they’re not going to be with me, i really believe that limited to a second, not for long an instant. I would personally never be hanged on a rope, and soon after for eternity… anxiety rips me personally, f**ks me personally. But i really believe in love.

Love Yours

Real story of a raped girl. Middle inscription: I happened to be 11 when they raped me. Right inscription: they paid my mother not to ever write a denunciation. My friend Luda was beside me, she had 5 injuries on her back from blade, I became maybe not injured. In the end, my mama begun to poke, she became a drug addict, I became fed up with it and I also left. Inscription upper left place: few individuals would given they life for my issues. Remaining inscription: this tale has actually a little hopestart writing. Charcoal, acrylic on plywood and linen fabric. Proportions: 90cm X 130cm X 6.5cm.


White inscription: pay attention I yearn becoming free, good. Ebony inscription: motherf***er, i do believe you recognize, it’s not too easy. Charcoal on linen fabric. Proportions: 110cm X 150cm X 6cm.

Reality Lies

“You don’t consider despair you’ve apply a gray veil as they are seeing the entire world through haze of a bad feeling. You might think that the veil has-been recinded, the veil of pleasure, and that now you’re seeing undoubtedly. it is easier to help schizophrenics who perceive that there’s anything foreign inside all of them which should be exorcised, however it’s hard with depressives, because we think we are seeing the truth. Nevertheless truth lies.” (Andrew Solomon). “People say to me personally, (depression), really, can it be constant with normal despair?” and I also state, in ways it’s continuous with regular sadness. Discover a lot of continuity, nonetheless it’s exactly the same way there’s continuity between having an iron fence outside your property that gets just a little rust place that you must sand off and do slightly repainting, and what are the results in the event that you go out for a century therefore rusts through until it’s only a pile of tangerine dirt. And it also’s that orange dirt place, that orange dust issue, that’s the one we’re aiming to deal with.”

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