Makeup For Ants: I Produce Tiny Paintings On My Eyes

My name is Georgina Ryland. I’m from Brisbane, Australia, and I also’m an award-winning makeup products singer. Although I’ve been trained as a prosthetic and movie singer, with an desire for body artwork, I’ve discovered a rather worthless application of my ability: i will color tiny views and precisely my eyes.With teeny tiny brushes available and a range of shows, eyeshadows and liquid lipsticks, I hand decorate every thing by myself eye in a mirror; and yes, I can color others eye! (i simply like the remaining). Each paint is quite short (usually bashful of an hour or so) in comparison to my regular body shows (upwards of 4 hours) so I have plenty of freedom to relax and play around. We paint in shape and range as opposed to sketching them away and I also attempt to create difficulties for myself each and every time.More info: | Twitter | Instagram

number 1 Cat Eyeliner

#2 Starry Night

#3 The Fantastic Wave Off Kanagawa

# 4 Negative Space… Space!

# 5 Sweets

number 6 Geometric

number 7 2spooky

#8 Monet’s Bridge

#9 Bang!

#10 Fruit And Veg

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