Field Of Light: Artist Uses 50,000 Lights to show Desert towards Surreal Fairytale

Bruce Munro is a globally acclaimed Uk musician best-known for his vast and immersive light-based installments. For this most recent project, which will be element of a series called Field of Light, the musician has plumped for the truly amazing Australian outback as his fabric, particularly the location near Uluru, the nation’s spiritual center. The set up uses over 50,000 light stems crowned with frosted-glass spheres plus it covers a surface location equivalent to four soccer pitches.

Munro’s tasks are empowered by his fascination with shared individual experience, and also the concept for this newest task found him while traveling over the Red Desert to Uluru in 1992. In this journey he thought a compelling connection to the vitality, temperature and brightness associated with the wilderness landscape, and also as he notes on their internet site, “Field of Light may be the embodiment of this knowledge.”

Uluru, Northern Territory, AU

Cheekwood Museum and Gardens, Nashville, TN

Hermitage Museum and Gardens, Norfolk, Virginia, USA

Atlanta Botanical Garden GA, American

Desert Botanical Outdoors, AZ, American

Waddesdon Manor, UK

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